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Wenn Ihr Telefon veraltet ist, tauschen Sie es aus. Wenn Ihr Telefon zu kompliziert ist, handeln Sie nach unten. Mit dem Repairstore Handelsprogramm haben Sie die Wahl.

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Get paid fast when you trade in your cell phone or device!

We will pay you within 3 business days of receiving your cell phone, tablet, smartwatch, or fitness tracker. Customize your shipping and payment methods to estimate your payment date with our FastPay Forecaster.

30 Day Price Lock

Lock the price of your phone or device for 30 days!

Cell phone and other device values naturally depreciate over time (especially around the release of fancy new Samsungs or iPhones). Our solution is a SmartFix 30 Day Price Lock. This ensures you’ll earn the quoted value of your device as long as we receive it within 30 days.

No Risk

Selling your cell phone or device to SmartFix is risk-free.

Like in any other good relationship, we feel that honesty is the best policy. If for any reason we do not see eye-to-eye on the value of any item you send to us, request it back at no cost to you.